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International Orders | NRIs | Sending Personalized Birthday Gifts to Kids in India

Now NRIs (non-resident indians) or any one from USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, UAE, Africa, UK or any other country can send online personalized birthday gifts to kids in India or any other country. Curly Orange makes it possible for kids across the globe to enjoy and experience the joy of watching personalized animated videos in English & Hindi. Join us in spreading the happiness to kids all around the world. Share with your friends and family or gift it to the kids on their birthdays or special occasions.

Get 'Free' Instant Video of your child by just uploading the photo and test it your self.

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NRI sending gifts to Indis


Each online personalized video is priced at US$ 5.99.

(For both English & Hindi videos)


International Orders -  Ordering Process

If you are outside India and wish to purchase personalized cartoon videos from, kindly follow the below steps -

1. Select the video title of your choice that you wish to buy

2. Once you have selected the video for purchase, send us an email to with following details

     a- Product title

     b. Photo of your child  (Refer to the photo format guidelines here)

     c. Name of the child

     d. Age of the child

     e. Your valid email address

     f. Country and city of residence

3. Please make the payment to our PayPal email id:

     (Note: We are only accepting payment through PayPal as of now for international orders)

4. Once we receive your email and payment, we shall deliver you the product videos in 3-5 working days via email.

Non-resending Indians (NRIs) who wish to purchase personalized videos as gifts for their kids or who wish to send gifts to kids in India can now easliy order from Not only NRIs but any one from any country who wish to buy personalized videos for their child can order these videos.

The personalized videos are not only fun and educational too and that is the reason why they are liked by one and all, all over the globe. The videos offers the best personalized learning experience for the 21st century kids who are driven by technology at its best. Give your child the best pesonalized learning experience through personalized animated videos.

NRIs Send Gifts to India, Gifts for Kids in India