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1. What is Curly Orange?

Curly Orange is the brand name of our company offering personalized animated stories for children. It is also our mascot through which we communicate to our customers.

2. What is personalization of animated videos?

Personalized animated videos contains animation which is personalized based on the input provided by the customer. The personalization that we offer at Curly Orange includes photo of the child, audio references to his name, age and city name. So the child is the star of each story. The stories that Curly has written are aimed at teaching good habits and manners to your child.

3. What input is required from the customer for personalization?

You need to upload a good front facing photo of your child (please refer the photo upload guidelines). Also you need to enter the name & age of your child after you select a particular video/ DVD. That’s it!

4. How is personalization of the videos done by the Curly Orange team?

Curly Orange has innovated a unique method of personalizing the animated stories. We have applied for a patent for the same with the Indian patent office. Also all the stories & animation of Curly Orange is our intellectual property and is protected by copyright.

5. What are the requirements of the photo to be uploaded for personalization?

We typically need a passport type photo (good lighting, front facing, mouth closed)The photo should have a resolution of atleast (1028 X 768 px) in any of the graphics format such as *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png. The size of the photo should ideally be below 2 MB.

6. Is the data uploaded by customer protected for privacy?

Absolutely. The data entered by customer  is only used for making a personalized video/DVD for that customer. Please read our privacy policy for details.

7. What are the payment options currently provided on Curly Orange?

We allow online payments through Credit/ Debit card and Net banking through a secured payment gateway.

8. Is it safe to do online purchase on Curly Orange?

Yes. The payment is processed through a 128-bit SSL secured payment gateway.

9. How long does it take for the delivery of the DVD to my shipping address?

It usually takes about 6-8 working days for the DVD to be delivered to your shipping address. It depends upon the Courier company’s coverage in your area. For Personalized animated videos, we send the download link to customers email address within 2 working days.

10. Is there a refund policy, in case the DVD/video is faulty?

We do have a replacement policy in case a non-functional DVD is delivered to you. We do not have a refund policy as the product is personalized for every customer. The artists at Curly Orange take a lot of effort to deliver a personalized DVD for your kid!

11. Are there any specific instructions for playing the DVD/video?

Not at all! The DVD can be played on your regular DVD player or a personal computer with a DVD drive.