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Concept - Personalized DVDs Starring Kids. Unique Personalized Birthday Gift Online for Kids

Concept - Personalized DVDs Starring Kids

Hello everyone, I’m curly orange. My mission is to make all kids happy while making them learn. How? Read on..


Have you ever observed kids watching animated stories? They have great fun watching it. But they generally don’t remember the moral of the story. Why? Because, it is somebody else’s story. Unless, they find themselves as a part of the story, they are really not so attentive. The moment, you make them a part of the story, see how curious they become. In this case, they remember the moral very well. Now the storytelling for kids has evolved too with introduction of short video stories.

Personalized Cartoon DVDs Starring Kids - A Unique Birthday Gift for Kids Boys and Girls

Using my innovative technology (Patent filed), I have created unique personalized animated cartoon stories focusing on good habits development in kids of 2-10 years (typically preschoolers and primary school students). And do you know who the star of these stories is? The kid itself!! The kid’s face is personalized in the video making it a complete personalized experience for the kid. 

Each of these beautifully animated videos will teach good habits and manners to the child. You will be amazed at the attention that the child will give to the videos, when it sees itself as the main character of the story and hears its name during the story. So in a way, the personalized video serves as an educational toy to the child. You will feel awesome when you give such a unique personalized gift to kids for any occasion (like birthdays, festivals, even vacations!). To parents, these personalized animated cartoon videos and DVDs for kids would serve as priceless memories of their little ones for years! :)

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I have created different personalized animated cartoon videos for children focused on improving the habits and manners of children. These cartoon videos make it easy for children to learn new good habits, etiquette and moral values for practising in daily life. These personalized videos are offered in English and Hindi.


These cartoon movies for kids provide practical 'Edutainment'.  Each video is downloadable on your PC or mobile device (Smartphone and Tablets) allowing you to enjoy them anytime & anywhere with your kids!


These personalized cartoon videos are fast gaining popularity as the best personalized kids gifts online and unique kids birthday gift and or for any special occasion. For gifting, Curly Orange offers DVDs having 2 cartoon videos per theme, which are couriered to the kid's address FREE OF COST to the recipients.


All you need to do is:

 1. Upload a nice photo of the child (Nice = A simple passport type photo of your little angel in good resolution)

2. Provide child's Name, Age and City.

3. Leave the rest upto us!

Watch the video below to see how to create a free personalized instant video of your child.

Get an instant FREE video of your child by just registering on our website and uploading the photo

I wish I could be there to catch smile on the kid’s face when it watches itself as the STAR of the adventure!! (Would love to see another smiling photo of the child as your testimonial!) These videos have become the most popular birthday gift ideas for kids in India and parents are loving them too.


So go ahead, order these personalized cartoon videos starring your kids (boys and girls) aged between 2- 10 years and make them a STAR of the show! Enjoy the new way of storytelling for kids and sharing this unique kids birthday gift online.