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Wondering what to choose as a unique birthday gift for your kid or best return gifts for kids ? Worry not ! Personalized cartoon videos for kids is the ultimate solution. Kids love the fantasy world of cartoons. Wouldn't it be amazing if they become a part of it? Curly Orange introduced personalized cartoon videos for children for the first time in India. In short period of time, these animated movies have become the most preferred personalized gifts for kids in India and abroad. The short stories for kids in Hindi & English are personalized with the photo of the child and audio personalization of its name, age and city. So the kid truly becomes the Star of the show! Kids feel that they are watching their own story on the screen. Curly Orange offers personalized videos in 2 formats - Online Videos and DVD formats. You can select the best suitable option to you. Online videos allow downloading the video from a given link while animated video DVDs are shipped to your doorstep for free of cost. This is an ideal personalized birthday gift for kids or for any special occasion for children aged between 2 to 10 years.

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