Eid is here ! Eid al-fitr is an Islamic festival celebrated by the muslim community all over the world. It is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting when people do not eat and drink during the day. Eid is an arabic word meaning festivity while fitr means breaking the fast.

This day is special for all, young and old and has special importance in their lives. On Eid al-Fitr (or also known as Bakr Id) people dress in their finest new clothes, decorate their homes with lights and floral, give sweets to children, and enjoy visits with friends and family.

Children love this festival more than anybody else. They go to each others house, share sweets, wear new clothes and enjoy the holidays with their parents and friends. When you want conduct fun activities for children on this day, you can take them to garden, museum or any scenic place near your house or you can play indoor games. Some children watch their favorite movies on TV and some merely roam around with their friends in the lanes on their bicycles.

To make this Eid special, gift personalized cartoon videos starring kids

To make this occasion more special, now kids can have fun with personalized cartoon videos starring kids. Yes, gift your kids a personalized Eid gift that is not only entertaining but educational tool. A photo-personalized cartoon video will have the kid as the star of the movie along with other fantasy characters.

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