Choosing an appropriate and unique birthday gift for kids can be tough. Gifts no doubt are the best things to give on occasions like birthdays. However, a stage comes when the same gifts especially toys get scattered all over the house even when you try to keep them out of sight.

Also gifting does not necessarily mean only toys. There are many practical birthday gifts for kids other than toys and run of the mill birthday gifts that help in shaping the overall development of kids.

The gift ideas listed below will not only be loved by kids as they are catchy and trendy but also in bringing out the hidden talents of a future scientist, writer, musician or an artist.

1. Admission to a Class

Making kids join a new class on their birthday is a great way to provide the best gift and make the children realise how much you care for them.

By allowing them to join classes in their area of interest such as drawing ,riding or dance parents can encourage kids to learn a new art which will be of great help to kids in their growing years.

2. Gifting Memberships

Another novel way to gift kids on special occasions like birthdays is by going for memberships of library, sports clubs, zoo, or museums. As memberships to most of the clubs and museums are expensive, occasions like birthdays turn out to be the perfect time to gift the same.

3. Subscription of a Magazine

Inculcating reading habits in kids from a young age is of paramount importance and what better way to do the same other than gifting the subscription of their favourite magazine or book on their special day.

4. Personalized Animated Videos

Toddlers and preschoolers love birthday gifts that thrill them and if as parents you want a gift that not only excites but also thrills your lovable kid then personalized cartoon videos are the ones for you.

These videos cover a range of topics from health to manners to adventures for kids and as songs and stories. These are 
easily available online to download or as DVDs.

The joy and thrill on your child’s face on seeing himself or herself on the video is enough to convince you that you have chosen the right birthday gift for your child.

5. Joining a cookery class or learning how to cook

Kids love to dabble in the kitchen along with their parents and grandparents. Hence, if your child shows interest in cooking he or she can be enrolled in a cookery class to upgrade his or her cookery skill.

In case you do not want to shell out so much money, you can teach your child to help you in the kitchen by involving the child while baking or kneading or cutting vegetables. This will help your child to develop a life skill.

6. Enrolling in a Craft Class

Crafts help to bring out the creative aspect of a child. Buying a book on craft or making the child join a craft class or keeping regular stock of craft items are some of the ways in which a child can be taught to take interest in craft and utilize time effectively.

7. Learning an Instrument

It has been proved scientifically that learning vocal music or an instrument to play benefits a child in many ways. Right from improved memory to better learning abilities, the benefits are galore. Hence, the biggest and best gift any parent can think of giving his or her child is to introduce music in the child’s life and birthdays are the perfect time to do it.

Every child who has been introduced to music from a young age would thank his or her parents for the rest of its life for making him or her learn an instrument or vocal music. Checkout this article to know what research says about benefits of music education here.

Perfect birthday gifts for kids are those which are not only entertaining but also encourage creativity in kids along with shaping their  personality for the better and as parents each one of us would like to gift only such birthday gifts to our children.