Kids birthday parties though an annual feature is a stressful affair for most parents wanting it to make the birthday party of their child a grand success. Right from being the perfect host to looking into the minute detail to extending the budget, the role of a parent never seems to end.

However, does that mean that as parents you cannot hope to have a memorable or effective birthday party for your kid with least preparation? Of course, not, a little motivation and planning is all that is required. You can not only hope to have the best birthday party for your child but can also have the best time of your life by letting your inner child come out while enjoying with your kid.

The joy of seeing your child having fun along with his friends who have gathered on the day of his or her birthday will make you want to throw an even better birthday party each year.

The formula for a successful birthday celebration with least efforts lies in planning, choosing the right menu and music, inviting selected guests. Apart from the above, the following points if taken into consideration also go a long way in making the birthday celebrations a grand hit with least efforts.

1. Choosing a Theme by Involving Your Child

Children come up with great ideas and what best way to make the birthday party of your child a grand hit other than involving your child in choosing a theme.

The theme chosen should be based on the gender, the interest of the child and his or her age. Say for example, there are some very good personalized animated videos of companies such as curly which are not only age and gender appropriate but also reasonably priced.

Many parents keep the personalized videos ready to be played during the birthday party on a projector or as simple as a laptop. It makes the child feel special and the other children are also amused to see their friend acting in an animation song or story video!

By playing these animated videos, kids can not only hope to have a great time but even parents can have the satisfaction that they were able to select a good theme with least efforts as they can order the same online.  

Choosing a theme does not mean that it is going to escalate the cost of the birthday celebrations. Selecting a theme that helps to trigger the creative ability in kids such as dressing as somebody is also a great idea to have birthday celebrations with minimum efforts.  

2. Zeroing in on the Venue

Having a birthday party in a restaurant or hall or bowling alley might turn to be expensive involving lot of preparations. Instead having the birthday at your own house or at a friend’s place or a park might turn out much cheaper and can even be arranged at the last moment with very little effort.                   

3. Planning the Guests List

The guests list plays a key role while arranging a birthday party. Who are the people whom you or your child wish to invite, whether the people whom you are inviting will be able to make it at the time of the birthday celebrations are some of the factors that have to be taken into account before deciding the venue.

4. Food Choice

Food sets the mood for the party. Hence choosing the right drinks and menu plays a vital part as far as birthday celebrations of kids are concerned. Finger foods, chips, salsa, pizza, and burgers are always a great hit with kids. However, at the same time, the needs of adults should also be taken into account and food have to either prepared or arranged keeping in mind the adult taste.

5. Games for Entertainment

Kids are never expected to sit at one place. Hence arranging games to keep the party going is a great way to have fun during birthday celebrations. Similarly, children can also be kept engaged for some time with personalized animated videos based on adventures and fairy tales.

Parents wanting to make the birthday celebrations of their kids a hit with least efforts can also opt for colourful paper cups and napkins along with tying of few balloons and steamers. All these brings colour to the birthday party making the parents feel proud that they were able to provide a decent birthday party celebrations for their kid with least efforts.