If for any reason one of your most loved cousins is staying abroad, then it does not mean that you sever your ties with him or her. There are many occasions available for you to recreate the bond and rekindle it. Diwali is one special occasion everyone is waiting for all round the year.

The only hitch that prevents you from being a part of their life is the distance between the two of you. However, you can compensate for the same by wishing and gifting them on the important days and events of their life. Make this Diwali special with these five gifting ideas for your lovely cousin’s children. You can partake in their joyous moment by sending an appropriate gift to the child from anywhere in the world.

But the greatest hurdle lies in choosing the appropriate gift as selecting the right Diwali gift for a kid is no child’s play and if it is your lovely cousin’s child, you need to rack your brain all the more. However, not anymore as the following affordable and clever ideas will help you in finding the right and appropriate gift for your lovely cousin’s child.

1. Creative

If your cousin’s child loves to do creative things such as dabbling with paints or messing with colours, then choosing such gifts that will bring out his or her creativity to the fore will be the appropriate one.

2. Sporty

All kids love to play, but in case your cousin’s child is a sporty sort, you can opt to choose either a skating board, rugby ball, or a junior golf set based on his or her interest. If the child is an outdoor person who loves playing in the open, then choosing such Diwali gifts which he or she can use and enjoy outside would be the ideal one.

3. Loves Watching Television

One of the favourite past times of many kids is watching television and if your cousin’s child is no exception, then the appropriate gift to be sent abroad for him or her would be personalized animated videos starring the child from Curly Orange.com.

These personalized cartoon videos cater to children below 10 years and cover a range of topics from adventure, fantasy to learning good habits, manners, etc. Moreover, children love these personalized DVD’s and videos as they act as the central character experiencing the adventures along with their favourite cartoon characters.

Parents do not complain even if their child watches these DVD’s or videos for longer hours as they are not only entertaining but also educational. They learn good habits, health & hygiene, manners and etiquette and more. The biggest advantage being they can be ordered online and will be delivered anywhere in the world online via a downloadable link.

4. Fashionista

It is not adults alone who love dressing up on Diwali and every other occasion, even young girls and kids love to get dressed up and look good. In case your cousin’s child is one such kid interested in fashion, then you choose accessories of hair, necklaces, shoes and belts which are latest in the fashion world and send the same across the globe for the little one.

5. Whiz Kid

Some children are born whiz kids and if your cousin’s child is one of those, then look no further and choose such gifts that would challenge his or her grey cells such as scrabble, Rubik’s cube light and other mentally challenging gifts.

Today’s kids seem to have it all. Hence, choosing the right Diwali gift for them can be quite a task. The best and the right way would be to have a thorough understanding of their likes and dislikes and then choose a gift that would suit their personalities.

In addition, kids staying abroad always welcome unusual surprising gift from most loved aunt or uncle and they eagerly look forward to the same. What better way to connect with your loved ones staying abroad than sending a unique Diwali gift.